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Boozed is actively involved in “Brand Building” and “Event design”. We are a enthusiastic and creative team and our core business is collaborating and merging disciplines in this industry. We take care of everything from A to Z, On-edge, fast and with a unique touch.

No event too small, no challenge too big. Boozed provides an experience and unburdens the way there. Create, build, color and let be. We join the customer journey together, step by step thinking  out of the box. Together we present a unique live-event, where experience is key


Together we present a unique live-event where experience is the focus and we facilitate you the whole way there. Our team doesn’t shy away from a challenge. On-edge, fast and with a unique touch. Boozed makes, colors, builds and much more...

A refreshing look


A party to work with and a party at locations; (corporate) parties, fairs and incentives with a fun factor. Creating and producing new, special things.

A party to work with


We are proud of our female sales team with feminine touch, which is reflected in the on-trend and on-edge event styling, where we do not forget the goal. A team of hard working professionals with a passion for the job and an eye for the details.

Girl power


Een complete maatwerk stand, of last minute aanpassing op locatie, wij denken graag mee in creatieve oplossingen op ieder vlak. Out of the box maar altijd realiseerbaar.

Creative solutions


Boozed has a very wide rental assortment where we follow the latest trends and developments. We use the one-stop shop principle. What we don’t have ourselves, we will make, inflect, discolor or find somewhere else.



We build the coolest stands for various brands in food & beverage, lifestyle & beauty and even in IT we help to position products strongly. Not only in the Netherlands, but also throughout Europe

Stand design


Once started as a cocktail caterer from the garage. There has been a lot of changes, but we are still making a lot of cocktails. Bartenders, bars and accessories for cocktails, you can contact us for all these items and services.

Tastier than ever


Boozed is always ready for your questions, comments, suggestions, criticism and tips. You can walk by, call or email for an appointment

Good coffee

“Boozed has been a reliable partner in the world of live events for more than 20 years.”

We have experience in Beauty and IT, but we also found our way in the world of food & beverage. We help to build a strong position for your product and let it shine at a live-event. The items we don’t have in our collection we make, color, blend or find somewhere else. Every event and launch is unique and therefore we build our customized environment. We are happy to ride along with you on the way towards your goal or step in where necessary.

Team Boozed

Kim de Ridder
Kim de RidderCreative Director
Claire van der Burg
Claire van der BurgOperational Manager
Nancy Ceulemans
Nancy CeulemansSenior Accountmanager Events
Michelle van der Knaap
Michelle van der KnaapMedior Accountmanager Events
Sifra Voorsluijs
Sifra VoorsluijsJunior Accountmanager Events
Demi Bik
Demi BikJunior Accountmanager Events
Ina Kuiper
Ina KuiperSenior Accountmanager Brands
Mandy windhorst
Mandy windhorstAccountmanager Brands
Daisy Koot
Daisy KootSenior Designer Brands
Melissa de Boer
Melissa de BoerBrand & Content Manager
Leo Boekestijn
Leo BoekestijnSenior Designer
Tamara van der Hulst
Tamara van der HulstDesigner
Robin Ruissen
Robin RuissenJunior Designer
Deborah Vos
Deborah VosJunior Designer
Kwint Evers
Kwint EversJunior Designer
Marcel Meuldijk
Marcel MeuldijkWarehouse Manager
Erik Merkus
Erik MerkusMedior Warehouse Employee
Alexander Garcia
Alexander GarciaWarehouse Employee
Arthur de Vries
Arthur de VriesWarehouse Employee
Jordi van Winden
Jordi van WindenWarehouse Employee
Kevin Voogt
Kevin VoogtWarehouse Employee
Ivo van der A
Ivo van der AWorkshop Manager
Yvar van der A
Yvar van der AWorkshop Employee
Onno Barendregt
Onno BarendregtWorkshop Employee
Peter van Weele
Peter van WeeleEvent Builder